Local communities must look to economic development that assures protection of the environment and workers' rights; broad citizen participation in planning; and enhancement of our quality of life

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Important Issues

We will be publishing information on important issues of the day here. Some issues we will explore will be: Ballot Access, Marcellus Shale, XL Pipeline, and more.

This is a map of the Pennsylvania State Senate districts. The districts marked in yellow are those held by ten members of the State Government Committee. They are labeled by their district number so the name of each representative can be found on the chart below. District 10 on the east side is the area held by the Chair of the Government Committee, Charles McIlhinny. These are the people to contact to try to get Senate Bill 21, the Voter Choice Act moving out of committee and to the floor. You can find your representative by going here Find Your Legislator.

state map

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